The lastest tid bits.
November 15, 2017- Added a trio of new pieces today. First is the pixel art Twitter banner that we made for Michael "Sir_NutS" Molina, and the other two are links to "Woven Threads" and "I'll Be With You at the End" from M.T. Yankovich's album, "The Journey Vol. 2." Those links can be found in the Audio section for that album.

August 18, 2017- Several new things were uploaded today. First, we have the artwork for M.T. Yankovich's album, "The Journey Vol. 2." Then, we have a video for "Desert Wraiths" off of the same album. And lastly, we have a new audio page for that same song (and future singles). Notice a theme?

ugust 8, 2017- Things are nearing completion for the artwork that will be featured on M.T. Yankovich's album, The Journey Vol. 2. We've also begun work on a video for it that will come out either before the album releases later this month, or at the same time. Along with that, work on the cover and packaging for a different album is underway. We can't say much about it just yet, but it's another fairly large undertaking that will require a good amount of artwork. Lastly, we're also working with the artist "Sir_NutS" again on a project that is also under wraps for the moment. Expect some nice pixel art with that one.

ay 5, 2017- At long last, the video for Greg Alan Holland's song "High on the Mountain" is finished and posted. It was a huge project that became much more involved than was originally planned. But the end result was well worth it.

arch 11, 2017- Made a few updates to the site to give it a less jerky flow going from page to page. The video for "High on the Mountain" is nearing completion, and M.T. Yankovich's work on his new album "The Journey Vol. 2" is 8 songs along. He has a few more to work on, then that will get released later this year. And lastly, some of the smaller projects will finally get finished up after the "High on the Mountain" video is out.

anuary 20, 2017- Added the fourth and final single from M.T. Yankovich's CD "The Journey Vol. 1" to the Audio section.

January 18, 2017- It's been pretty quiet here, but not because of lack of work. Between continuing to create the music for "The Journey Vol. 2" and work on several videos, things have been rolling forward. The video for "High on the Mountain" is very close to being finished, and "The Journey Vol. 2" has roughly half of its songs written and ready to go. Check back in a couple of days for a new bit of audio content!

October 10, 2016- Added a third single to the Audio page for M.T. Yankovich's CD, "The Journey Vol. 1."

August 27, 2016- Added a second single to the Audio section for M.T. Yankovich's CD, "The Journey Vol. 1."

April 16, 2016- Added a new entry for the Audio section. You can find two tracks from M.T. Yankovich's CD, "The Journey Vol. 1."

April 15, 2016- Put up the promo trailer for "The Journey Vol. 1" to the Video section, along with the artwork for that album in the Drawn section, and the back cover art for "Silius: 0373" in the Pixel section.

April 12, 2016- Uploaded the final trailer for the album, "Silius: 0373." You can check it out in the Video section. Will also be adding more new stuff this Friday, so keep an eye out for it.

March 10, 2016- Took a bit longer than anticipated, but a couple of new drawings have been added to the Drawn section.

March 7, 2016- Added a new entry to the Video section. This one's for Greg Alan Holland's song, "Lady Bug." More stuff will be coming tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

January 17, 2016- Lots of new stuff uploaded. You'll find new entries in the Video, Drawn, Pixel and Extra sections of the site, so hop on over and check them out. There's plenty more to add to be honest, but seeing as the projects aren't done, they've can't be put up just yet. However, more drawings, videos and some more pixel art are on their way in the coming weeks and months!

January 8, 2016- It's been a while since the promised updates, but they'll be coming next weekend. A number of issues prevented the new stuff getting up, but that's been resolved. Look for the new bits soon!

October 3, 2015- The first of several updates goes up tonight. This first one features the video for Greg Alan Holland's "Rockin' Horse," which he performed with KEG (a band he's a part of). The video's in the Video section.

April 24, 2015- Updated website goes live at last!

April 16, 2015- Finally, all of the new assets for the site are made.

April 11, 2015- Finished up the new browsing buttons. Just have to make all of the new thumbnails, and finish a new entry for the "Audio" section.

April 9, 2015- Added a couple of new sections for pixel work and oddball projects, as well as got the audio files to play without needing Flash so they can be listened to on handheld devices like iPads, smartphones, etc.

April 5, 2015- The work for updating the website has begun.
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